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【Ocha Pairing Course】 Course with tea set

【Ocha Pairing Course】 Course with tea set

15000 yen

Tax and service charge 10%

  • 10items
  • 1-6persons
Reservation deadline
Until 20 o'clock on the desired shopping day

It is a pairing plan with Sencha.

Because it is a course with drinks, the secretary can also use it with confidence.

Based on the concept of "delicious happy time to you". NARASHIBA style of incorporating the Japanese taste

Offering compatible with cuisine nationwide sushi tea together offering.

"Winter" through November 21 Seasonal Limited Course Example (The ingredients are gluten-free)

Course menu

■ "Sweet, salt, umami, bitterness, acidity"

"Appetizer, please taste various tastes small amounts"

■ "Scallops x Waves"

"Scallop and turnip to tartar. Taste of kababa leaves and texture and salty taste and taste of kalami to one dish.

Add a colorful beet puree. "

■ "Salmon x Chrysanthemum"

"Sauté the greasy salmon and accompany salty, salty and savory fragrant saury sauce of salmon roe"

■ "Shirako x Chinese cabbage"

"Simple cuisine combined creamy white birch and cabbage potage.

I use ham for the rich in the cabbage potage. "

■ "Soup"

"A piece of ingredients along the season, one of the fun of what is in each time"

■ "Two fresh fish's tsubame"

"Please enjoy the fresh fish of the season"

■ "Pork × Koji x Black Olive"

"Roasted the shoulder loin of pork, with chopped black olives and traditional seasonings in the Tohoku region, with Tupenard sauce combined with Koji namba miso.

Please enjoy the compatibility of spicy pork and pork fat.

■ "Oyster × rice"

"Oysters of season and Tsuneo dedicated rice Koshihikari to risotto.

The rich oyster flavor envelops the sweetness of rice. "

■ "Reward"

"Slow time until the end"

■ "Sencha 3 Sencha for the Seasons"

"Enjoy the sencha of the season from time to time"

We offer drinks that are compatible with each dish as a set.

Drinks are not included in soup, rice stuff and drinking.

Please understand beforehand that the contents of the course may be changed without notice depending on the purchase situation of ingredients.

2018/05/17 update