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【Ocha de Pairing Course】 Course set of 9 dishes and 6 teas

【Ocha de Pairing Course】 Course set of 9 dishes and 6 teas


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24. Selection of contents that change every cheerfully and constantly about 70 different kinds of junmai rice wine or tea good compatibility.
Both images are strong to match Japanese food, but you can enjoy compatibility with various dishes.
Please enjoy a different combination of dishes.

Course menu

【Limited Course from June 20 to July 6】


Gomi "acid, salt, sweetness, bitterness, umami"


Broiled Iwashi sardine

Large leaf genovese, roasted sake oil


Awa Oka Tataki

Jelly of chicken soup, ego mustard

4 "Specialty"

Boiled with abalone

Soy sauce bubbles


鼈 (udon) bowl


Fish of the day

Tosa soy sauce



Sendai beef cutlet

Palmigiano Reggiano, hot spring egg


Shimanto Nori Udon udon

Rosamarina style


Sake lees brulee

We will offer a cup of tea that is compatible with each dish.

There is no tea attached to 【cooked bowl】 【rice】.

Please understand beforehand that the contents of the course may be changed without notice depending on the purchase situation of ingredients.

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