Promise with customers

  • "Offering unusual moments"

    If you go to dinner, what would you choose a restaurant based on?

    At Narashiba, I think that if you go to dinner you would like us to spend extraordinary hours.

    We will hospitality with important people such as dinner, entertainment, date, anniversary and so on.

And "Narashiba" began

  • Our shop has no menu.

    We offer cuisine and liquor in tailor made courses tailored entirely.

    The contents of the meal change in about two weeks.

    This is a way of thinking that cherishes the season called twenty-four.

    The cuisine will be Japanese French style (Japanese French x French) with Japanese as the axis.

    It is a food pairing specialty shop that offers sake that is best compatible, Sake or tea / Ocha together.

    Please enjoy a special meeting of seasonal ingredients (when) and drinks.